Valiant: Who would have thought?

If you asked me a year ago about Valiant comics I’d likely give a puzzled look. Yeah,there are many publishers but Valiant isn’t one I knew. Now I find Valiant in my pull list a few times a month. What initially got me interested was X-O Manowar. The idea behind the character intrigued me. Though the first issue almost lost me. It was good but oddly paced. After a few issues introducing some history and more figures of interest I became hooked.

But then they had to do a crossover. Those silly gimmicks where it’s more marketing than content. But this was different. Yes, there was marketing involved but the story made sense and introduced a figure who, under other circumstances, I would pass up reading.

This got me thinking. Is Valiant actually challenging what I normally think about when I see a comic? Are they actually trying to be different than the rest of the industry? Are they making superhero comics for people who like comics?

Right now I’d say yes (assuming they run with the original universe). There is a feel for real continuity (not the “It’s fun, isolated stories.” junk.. I’m looking at you Marvel.) which is something I go crazy for. I think it’s clear they love the characters that existed in the Valiant universe and are taking care in reintroducing them. And I hope it continues.

Now l, excuse me while I read the Shadowman preview followed by some Bloodshot.