Victory In Beer

Ever since I was introduced to craft beers (which is not all that long ago) I’ve been sampling many different styles from many different breweries. One night as opened up a Hop Devil I looked at my growing bottle cap selection and noticed one cap design more than any other: Victory!

As it turns out over the last few months I’ve been enjoying a decent amount of Victory beers compared to other breweries. Some of them have become high on my list while others are simply me giving another brewery+style a try. Here are the ones I’ve really enjoyed:

Moonglow Weizenbock

I really like this beer. It is decently high ABV and only available in the fall (seasonal) but it tastes great. Add on top of that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and it’s an easy winner. On BA it has ‘exceptional’ and ‘word-class’ review.

Donnybrook Stout

I do like stouts but tend to go more for milk, mocha and espresso stouts. Donnybrook is a great stout when you don’t want to get hit with the normal craft high ABV as it clocks in around 3.7%. It’s true it’s not the most memorable dry stout but it’s plentiful, light and enjoyable.

Prima Pils

Unlike a lot of my friends I don’t drink much lager but this is a US made pilsener I could enjoy! It seems slightly hoppier than other pilseners I’ve had without running away from the origin style. Again, BA gives it ‘exceptional’ and ‘world-class’.

Whirlwind Witbier

Probably the first Victory beer I tried. Very true to style and fits really well on hot summer days. The spiciness and banana flavors are what keep me coming back and it looks like I’m not the only fan.

There are two another things that they all have which makes me like Victory: price and availability. Not to say that good beer isn’t worth paying extra for but it is nice to not get sticker shock from beer. And it’s availability is pretty good. True, it won’t be hanging out at many general grocery stores but it seems common in bottle shops. I’ve even been able to buy them in singles (big plus as I like to get different styles in one pack).

There is one beer from Victory I don’t really seem to get.


It has glowing reviews all around yet for me it’s seems very mild. Listed as an IPA, yet called an APA sometimes, Hop Devil doesn’t have the hop bitterness I think of when IPA comes to mind. I think more in line with Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo or Dogfish Head’s 90 Minute IPA.  HopDevil isn’t bad, I just don’t see why so many people like it specifically. But that’s OK, I don’t have to love everything.