Making Beer: Update On First Brew

Yesterday I was able the to take the first reading and find where my hefeweizen’s gravity stands. It’s original gravity a week ago was 1.050. Yesterday’s reading shows it to be at 1.010. I’m thinking it’s at, or at least near, final gravity but am not totally sure just yet. I should know soon. What I can say is that the primary smelled amazing! I was tempted to try it as is but the yeast I saw while taking a sample for measurement convinced me otherwise. The ABV is currently coming to 4% which I’m happy with, especially if the beer tastes as good as it smells!


3 thoughts on “Making Beer: Update On First Brew

  1. I would say you are close to final gravity but to let it finish up for another week or so just to make sure the yeast are done doing their work. Since the banana and clove flavors you want in a good Hefe come from the yeast it is best to make sure they are done doing their magic. The few times I have made a Hefe I screwed something up so I wish you luck in getting it on your first try. Sometimes lighter beers are tougher to brew because it is easier to taste the imperfections which is part of the reason I usually try to brew high gravity beers and dark beers and hoppy beers.

    Cheers! I wish you a long and happy life of brewing.

    1. Thanks for the info and tips! I picked up an IPA kit from a local homebrew store for my second batch. While there seem to be more steps during boil (and then the optional dry hopping) it seems like it would be more forgiving. And I like IPA’s as well.

  2. I suggest doing the dry hopping. It really adds a lot to the aroma which is generally your first impression on a beer. If you have ever had Hopslamm from Bells you will know what I am talking about. The aroma jumps out and smacks you in the face which is really quite pleasant.

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