flask-track-usage 2.0.0 testing

flask-track-usage is nearing a new milestone: 2.0.0. This new release will include a few bugfixes and a number of enhancements. The two that stick out are time aggregate functions in the form of hooks, split between Storage and Writer classes, and the ability to store custom date via a track_var global. Currently the work is being housed in a branch but will be updated and merged once 2.0.0 has a little time for testing. Some highlights in 2.0.0 include:

  • alembic: Support for upgrading SQL schema
  • sql: Create table if it is not pres
  • entcouchdb: Add track_var and username
  • redis: Add track_var and username
  • user_defined variable field to storage
  • Hooks: add new hooks system
  • test: Skip mongoengine if connection can not be made
  • storage: Rename to PrinterWriter
  • output: Add OutputWriter
  • storage: Create base class and Writer
  • requirements: Added six
  • doc: Add note about py2 and 3
  • freegeoip: Fix missing attribute
  • py3: Fix most obvious offenders
  • Move mongoengine ref in Travis CI config
  • Update Travis CI config to include mongoengine lib

Help test the 2.0.0 branch by cloning and installing in your development environment!


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